March 4, 2024
aJoshua Bell Celebrates HK Phil's Jubilee with New Composition

Violin virtuoso Joshua Bell, a Grammy Awardee, is gearing up to return to Hong Kong this September. Bell’s appearance marks the commencement of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra’s (HK Phil) landmark 50th season. His new work, The Elements, a fusion of various musical musings, exudes the aura of the world’s natural beauty, is set to take center stage.

The Elements: Joshua Bell, an Ode to the Natural World

The Elements, Joshua Bell novel musical collaboration, comprises six unique pieces. Each segment bears the theme of a classical element penned by a prominent American composer. The roster includes Jake Heggie working on ‘Fire’, Jennifer Higdon contributing ‘Air’, Edgar Meyer accentuating ‘Water’, Jessie Montgomery exploring ‘Space’, and Kevin Puts encapsulating ‘Earth’ along with Earth’s subsequent reprise and finale.

Joshua Bell Celebrates HK Phil's Jubilee with New Composition

HK Phil’s Music Director Bids Farewell with a Flourish

Jaap van Zweden, HK Phil‘s esteemed Music Director, will wield the conductor’s baton for The Elements. This performance will be particularly poignant as van Zweden is marking his ultimate season with the orchestra.

In a statement regarding his return to Hong Kong, Joshua Bell expressed, “I am excited to be back in Hong Kong and also thrilled to be associated with HK Phil’s 50th-anniversary season. The Elements is a special piece of music, which I’m exceedingly proud of. I eagerly anticipate presenting it to the audience.”

A Special Performance from Joshua Bell Anticipated by the HK Phil

The anticipation extends to HK Phil’s boardroom as well. “We are overjoying to have Joshua Bell onboard for our 50th season,” said Benedikt Fohr, Chief Executive of HK Phil. “Among the globe’s most highly acclaimed violinists, he stands, and his rendition of The Elements will undoubtedly craft an unforgettable evening.”

Ticket Information

The Elements will come alive on September 16 and 17 at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. The tickets are obtainable at present through the Urbtix online portal.

Joshua Bell Celebrates HK Phil's Jubilee with New Composition

Other Attractions of HK Phil’s 50th Season, Not just about Joshua Bell

The grandeur of HK Phil’s 50th season is not just confining to Bell and his new work. The season also underscores noteworthy performances by the celebrated pianist Lang Lang, the prolific cellist Yo-Yo Ma, and piano maestro Rudolf Buchbinder. Plus, audiences from over 18 different cities spanning mainland China, Asia, and Europe will enjoy the HK Phil’s exhilarating tour performances.

HK Phil’s 50th Season: A Kudos to Past and Future

The jubilant 50th season of the HK Phil celebrates the orchestra’s illustrious past and unwavering resolve to bring world-class music to Hong Kong. Simultaneously, the orchestra aspires to pave the way for its continued prosperity and dominance in the music industry, looking onwards with hope and optimism.