March 4, 2024
Nadin Amizah Releases New Song "Tawa"

Indonesian singer-songwriter Nadin Amizah has once again graced the music world with her latest single, “Tawa.” She affectionately refers to this release as her “baby,” signifying the next step in her evolving musical journey. Nadin’s musical repertoire has been steadily gaining momentum, with previous hits like “Rayuan Perempuan Gila” and “Semua Aku Dirayakan” paving the way for this exciting new release.

The Genesis of Nadin Amizah Remarkable Career

Nadin Amizah embarked on her musical odyssey in 2019 with the release of her debut single, “Rumpang.” Over the years, she has diligently built her musical portfolio, adding four more singles to her discography. Notable tracks such as “Sorai,” “Star,” and “Seperti Tulang” have cemented her status as a noteworthy artist. In 2020, Nadin introduced her debut album, “Selamat Ulang Tahun,” featuring the chart-topping single “Bertaut.”

Nadin Amizah Deciphering the Essence of “Tawa”

During an enthralling Instagram live broadcast, Nadin Amizah provided an inside look into the world of “Tawa.” Nadin expertly weaves her story across this stirring song, which centers on the subject of self-acceptance. She said, “When people ask me about my story, I tell them how I came to terms with the fact that I am both good and bad, that I am the sky and the thunder, and that I am gentle.” I am also the one who gives life, but on occasion I am the one who takes it.”

Nadin Amizah Releases New Song "Tawa"

A Profound Journey of Self-Exploration

The journey of self-discovery that Nadin has been on as a result of his creative endeavors has been tremendous. She has discovered how to become her own biggest ally via the medium of her music, cultivating self-love by accepting the compassion that is poured upon her by other people.

“In essence, I often find myself in a state of emptiness. Without others teaching me to love myself, I struggle to do so. However, having discovered the power of genuine love, I have come to terms with the duality within me – the coexistence of goodness and imperfection. These facets need neither rejection nor apprehension, for in our humanity, goodness and imperfection are inseparable,” Nadin remarked, reflecting on her journey.

Eagerly Awaiting the Second Album

With the release of “Tawa,” Nadin embarks on a fresh chapter in her musical career. This single serves as a prelude to her highly anticipated second album, poised to make its debut in October.

Nadin Amizah shared her excitement during an Instagram live stream on September 1, 2023, stating, “This ‘Tawa’ song is the final piece of the puzzle before the album’s release – God willing – in October.” Music enthusiasts and fans alike eagerly await this next milestone in Nadin’s promising career.